Your 1st Chess Tournament 必 #chess


  1. Hikaru looks like a hobo in a retail store trynna challenge the clerks into playing chess for a snack

  2. Hikaru casually entering a amateur tournament

  3. Bro was facing the tutorial boss that turns into the final boss

  4. dont worry bro saw checkmate in 63 hes gonna resign

  5. Hikaru won before I even saw him come to the tournament

  6. 苠邽郅迮郕 衪郕邽郇訇迮郕郋赲 says:

    塔塔塔塔塔鈞enom eminem

  7. That would be the worst start for a chess career

  8. I forget who said it, but some chess analyst said that magnus had one of the best natural understandings of chess and was almost born for it, while Hikaru has the ability to learn just about anything and adapt to it.

  9. Yesterday was my first and there was 7 rounds and I lost 3 and one I didnt attend oI was so sad I could have literally won and got first place but I didnt and now Im so sad

  10. I should be fine, it's the first match.
    Hikaru: Hello! I'm here to end your career so good luck and have fun!
    Me: I R E S I G N

  11. Bro this happened during my first chess tournament too!!! Crazy right? Im kidding u suck

  12. Oh my god the grand old master is coming

  13. That was my walk when i fought in a chess tournament

  14. If here than takes takes takes takes takes takes takes takes takes takes takes takes thats to confusing im just gonna castle instead.

    -Hikaru Nakamura.

  15. Magnus: hey man shakes hand
    You: H-hey Picture pls.
    Magnus: Sure
    Game ends
    You: ok just calm down
    Magnus: u ok
    You: yes I MEAN NOOOO

  16. Hikaru is the king of premoves you can't beat him you simply can't

  17. I have exactly the same board lol, minus the extra queens

  18. Hikaru be like i'll take that and take, take, take, take, take

  19. I played against someone with almost 900 more elo than me and drew it

  20. Yeah, haha. No, chat, its not Magnus. Just some random dude Ive never played before, lets go e4 here. No, chat. Levys not playing today, hes probably studying his lines as he should. Yeah, very funny, chat. Okay, he played h6, this guy clearly doesnt know what hes doing, Im gonna play ke2, classic bongcloud, to show some major disrespect. Haha, yeah. Bongcloud speedrunning the tournament irl, very funny.

  21. resign before even the game starts

  22. Hes walking to him and made 20 ways to put him in check

  23. It's true! I did my First tournament some months ago and there were a lot of strong players (1N, IM …) But only 1 GM. And Guess what? In the First game the only one GM was my opponent.

  24. Hikaru: I m abt to end this man's carear before it even started.

  25. After a minute Hikaru be like :-Here, Here, Here, Here, There,There, Takes here, Here takes and you win the game .After he checkmated you he again be like :-Exactly just like I said.

  26. I would stand my ass up and start walking away

  27. Takes and takes and it takes and it takes and takes and takes and we win the game

  28. His walk is like someone is about to end your whole career.

  29. You're dead….like…..dead….不不不 Fukin samurai is comin to destroy the whole chess board!!

  30. I just want to participate in a chess tournament so bad, did anyone here participated already in one? Can tell me how it is?

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